Indigenous Peoples Day Montana is dedicated to setting aside the second Monday in October each year to celebrate all Indigenous Peoples and explore all our Indigenous roots.

Our Mission

Indigenous Peoples’ Day Montana is dedicated to educating students, teachers, decision makers, and the public alike to recognize the significance of the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We are united by our commitment to instilling accurate historical knowledge, preserving cultural heritages and integrities, advocating for tribal sovereignties, and promoting Indigenous Peoples’ Day across the United States. #UnifiedHealing

Co-Founder and renowned Indigenous artist Ben Pease discusses the mission and goals of Indigenous Peoples Day Montana

Our History

Indigenous Peoples Day Montana started with an idea and a Facebook post. Marsha Small, a Northern Cheyenne Phd candidate at Montana State University posted her desire to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in Bozeman Montana. Her colleague and friend Marsha Fulton responded and in a short time they were writing the first draft of what would become the resolutions submitted to the Mayor and City Council of Bozeman, Montana. As the effort grew more supporters came forward to organize and coordianate the effort resulting in the adoption of Indigenous Peoples Day in Bozeman in 2016. A short time later, Montana State University also adopted the commemoration and the group then set out to tackle the adoption at the state level where the fight is still underway. Help support our efforts to get Indigenous Peoples Day adopted by the state of Montana and then we’ll tackle the nation!

Contact Us

Marsha Small
P.O. Box 6173
Bozeman, Montana 58771

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